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Cool Cat Toys Just in Time for the Holidays!

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The holiday season is here! That means it's time to do some shopping for all of your favorite friends and family members...including your beloved cats. Your cats want to see some cool cat toys under the tree this year, and we have everything they'll love. Check out some of the hottest cat gifts this season in our online store!

Marinated Mice


Mice are great, but marinated mice are even better! This pack includes four furry toy mice that have been marinated in delicious, fresh organic catnip. Tear open this package and give your kitty one of these marinated mice then sit back and watch the antics happen. 

Jumbo Catnip Body Pillow


These catnip body pillows are the perfect size for hugging, kicking, clawing, and dragging around the house. These 14" pillows are made with adorable cat-themed fabric and stuffed with high-quality catnip. This will quickly become one of your cat's favorite toys!

Playtime Catnip Mist


Love giving your cat catnip but hate having those dried, flaky greens all over your carpet and house? This catnip spray solves the problem! You'll get 4 ounces of catnip essential oil that can be sprayed on virtually anything. Great for encouraging kitty to use new toys or rediscover old ones!

Need more for the kitties in your life! Just head over to the Cool Cat Gear online store. We have plenty of great toys, including entertaining DVDs for cats, motorized toys, and so much more. Stock up on great toys for your cat throughout the year by placing an order with us today!