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Three Reasons to Buy Cute Cat Collars for Your Feline Friends

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buddy-cat-reflective-full-stretch-cat-collar.jpgWhether you have an indoor cat, an outdoor cat, or a cat that falls somewhere in between, they need to have a cute cat collar. Our online store is packed with awesome cat collars in a huge variety of sizes, colors, and designs, but they do more than just look great on your cat. Here are three reasons you need to collar your cat!

Helps Your Cat Get Home Safely

Cats are explorers by nature. If you have a cat that loves a good adventure, a personalized collar can help them get back home safely. That way if they wander off track, someone can easily find your phone number and address and make sure you know where your cat is at so you can get them back home safely.

Alerts People Your Cat is Somewhere They Shouldn't Be

There has been a recent movement online to put orange collars on indoor cats. That way, if they get out, someone will see their orange collar and know they are supposed to be safe inside somewhere. It's a great way to alert someone that your cat is out and shouldn't be.

Keeps Your Cat From Finding a New Family

If you've been an outdoor cat owner for long, you probably know that cats like to visit anyone who will feed them. If your cat isn't wearing a collar, someone might think they don't have a family and decide to adopt them. You'll lose your cat and chances are they are living with someone just a few doors down! Make sure the neighborhood knows where your cat belongs. 

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