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  • Drinkwell Premium Replacement Filter Cartridges

Drinkwell Premium Replacement Filter Cartridges

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Drinkwell Premium Pet Fountain Filters


The premium high-capacity replacement filters for the Drinkwell Pet Fountains are a step up from the standard. These quick-change filters are used to capture debris and filter water, keeping it clean and fresh for your pet. Filters should be changed every four to eight weeks depending on the size and number of pets using the fountain. Filters keep the water fresh.

The Drinkwell Premium High-Capacity Replacement Filters is sectioned into 6 individual compartments to allow for an even distribution of charcoal throughout the filter. This provides a more consistent filtration of the water to remove bad tastes and odors, keeping the water fresher and cleaner than ever before.

Filters Three Ways:

  • Duo density polyester pad captures debris.
  • Carbon impregnated pad for quick action.
  • Charcoal divided into 6 segments maximizing water filtration.

Instructions for Replacement Fountain Filters for the Drinkwell Pet Fountains: The filter fits narrow side down and the black side faces the front of the fountain. The filter will slide easily into place. For Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain users, insert the filter into the two triangular slots in the center of the housing. For users of the Original Drinkwell Pet Fountain, the filter will fit into the housing diagonally. Rinsing the filter before use will help remove any loose bits of charcoal, which are harmless. These filters are specifically made to work with the Original Drinkwell Fountain, the Drinkwell Platinum Fountain or the Big-Dog Drinkwell Fountain.

Each package includes 3 filters


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